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Hi there! I am Anita Chow-Tissier. My husband Jean-Claude and I have been travelling since we were 19, but it wasn’t until I was 26 that I decided to rent out my flat in Vancouver, BC to travel full-time. I’ve been to 110 countries, 89 of them with my husband – so I guess we could be considered “nomads” by now!

What is AnitaTissier?

It’s my little corner of the internet. For anyone who stumbles upon this, I hope this is a place that inspires you to travel to magical places which you may not know know much about or even some places you haven’t heard of before. I am driven to share what the world has to offer in places that are often untouched.

Where is Home?

I have always found it difficult to answer this question, as I have found a “home” in many places and no where at all. I was born and raised in Hawai’i, but I’ve also lived in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia and in Nice, France. My hometown will always be Honolulu, as it was the place I was raised and it holds a special place in my heart. But at this point, I feel like I’m a little bit from everywhere! Currently we are quarantining in Nice, France.

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Hii, I want to ask that how do you earn money or manage expenditures for travelling as you are traveling most of the time in a year.




@Ms thank you!!

Md.MahabuburRohman Khokon

Md Mahabubur rohman Khokan, Dis, Manikgan. Dulotpur.


@Md.MahabuburRohman Khokon thanks for stopping by!


So many congratulations on launching your website my darling I am extremely proud of you!! Can't wait to read more I am right behind you and very happy for your success! Sending you so much love and wishing you and husband immense joy always!! 💝🎉🥰🎀


@Esraa thank youuuuu Esraa my love, I appreciate it! you're too good to me!! 💕💕

Ln Md Ruhul Amin

Hi Anita I’m from Bangladesh. Thank u for visiting my beautiful country. I love traveling. I visited 9 country’s in Asia. You welcome again my country. Do u know Coxsbazar? It’s a beautifull sea beach. It’s a long sea beach in the world. U r Wellcome.


@Ln Md Ruhul Amin that's so amazing!! I've heard of Cox's Bazar but didn't get the chance to go during our trip 😭 so one day I'll be back for sure!!


Hi Anita! First of all congratulations for making this amazing website (I want to make mine too but that's soooo much work)! I love your photos and I will follow your adventures with pleasure! I am always amazed how many places you've already visited!


@Kasia thank you sooo much Kasia!! I'm always so thankful for your support, always! I'm here to help if you ever need for your website ♥️

Todd @

Congrats on the new travel blog! So excited for you! I'm so excited to learn about all of your adventures!


@Todd @ thank you SO much Todd! I really appreciate it!

Sharif Rahman

Hi Anita, thankyou for visiting my country I hope you had good time in Bangladesh, come visit again if you can!


@Sharif Rahman I would definitely love to some day!!! 🥰

Ajay Kumar

Hii i am Ajay, Mai India se hu, or Mai haryana state hu


@Ajay Kumar thanks so much for stopping by, Ajay!

Steve Reinns

Loved the photos 😀, it was great meeting you guys


@Steve Reinns thank you so much Steve!! it was so great meeting you too! ☺️

John Shana

I hope you learn and experience more about African culture and enjoyed your trip


@John Shana thank you so much John! can't wait to go back & explore more of Africa some day 😻

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